Introducing Phuket Fabric Online fabric store based in Phuket

Introducing Phuket Fabric
Online fabric store based in Phuket

Artisanal fabrics from across Thailand, available for online purchase or delivery

An exciting new online platform has arrived, and it is sure to please DIY fanatics and sewing buffs like. Phuket Fabric sources the very best of artisanal fabrics and textiles from across Thailand and delivers them straight to your door. Choose from a variety of cloth mediums including cotton, silk, or standard woven at exceptional prices.

For lovers of handicrafts, Phuket Fabric provides the opportunity to acquire unique fabrics in order to craft a project of your own. Phuket Fabric is deep-rooted in love for textiles as well as culture and tradition.

Conceptualized by the owner’s fond memories of working together with her family to create fabric pieces for their home in Northern Thailand, Phuket Fabric endeavors to inspire endearing relationships through the often forgotten art of DIY handicrafts. Crafting fabric pieces is soothing and an outstanding creative outlet. Decorating the home with DIY projects or creating a fabric piece to gift as a present is a wonderful way for children to spend considerable bonding time with members of the family while learning a valuable skill.

The fabrics and textiles sourced by Phuket Fabric are all high quality. While they are perfect for creating an original piece of clothing or even a handy carrying bag, with the fabrics it is also possible to customize your own decorations at home. For example, one can learn to make coasters, pillow covers, placemats, table runners, or table covers. If you are a home chef, a great way to pay homage to your talents and skills in the kitchen is to craft a personal apron from one of our splendid fabric designs. The options truly are endless with Phuket Fabric.

Currently, Phuket Fabric has a variety of textiles and fabrics in stock including Woven fabric, Mud fermented fabric, Plain color cotton, 100% cotton, and a lot more. Our online platform is consistently growing and new fabrics are being sourced and stocked on a daily basis.

Delivery for all fabric is free by registered post. If you are based in Phuket, we can arrange drop-off or delivery for you.

To learn more about Phuket Fabric, visit and register an account. Our online platform makes shopping seamless, and you can also add fabric items to a wishlist. To speak directly to the owner, simply click the choice of the instant chat box on the right corner, we will get back to you once we are online, or reach out via email at

Bohemian style cushions made from the selection of our Naga woven fabric.

Phuket Fabric is proud to announce that coming soon, we will also offer a sewing service. Customize items to make your brand even more memorable, or let us create some unique pieces for your home.

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