Phuket Outdoor Fabric

Our outdoor fabic selections are well selected and presented with great support from our domestic and international partners

Cruise collections from Phuket Outdoor Fabric

From Polyester 100%, Olefin 100%, and Acrylic 100% to Membrane

Great for your outdoor space, renovate your patio, or improve your business’ outdoor area.

Check out up to 88 selections from this one sample book. Visit today (appointment is recommended +6689 600 0041 WhatsApp) at Phuket Fabric at Island Magic – Living Room – Lifestyle Village in Blue Tree Phuket

SOL-OUT is a brand created under Gold House Decor to market good and competitive outdoor and functional fabrics for the world. We use only the finest and best supply of raw materials for all our textiles.

SOL-OUT outdoor fabrics are made and marketed with Durashine Solution Dyed Acrylic. We believe quality and performance in good textiles can go well together and thus we employ our best expertise and experience from other textile sectors to help develop our SOL-OUT outdoor ranges.
Come join our world of outdoor experience. All SOL-OUT textiles are ….

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